Graduation Day Ceremony-March 11, 2017

Registration Closed

  1. Registration Closed.
  2. The Graduation Day is meant only for 2013, 2014 pass out students, others will be intimate later.
  3. Degree certificate can be received in person only (and not through third person).
  4. Students stationed abroad have to make their own arrangements for visa etc.
  5. Maximum Two guest will be permitted to accompany each Graduand inside the convocation hall. Additional guest will not be accommodated in the Convocation Hall; however they will allowed to watch the live proceedings in the waiting hall through CCTV arrangements.
  6. Children below 12 years are not permitted to attend the function.
  7. Arrangements for convocation gowns for receiving the Degree Certificate will be provided by the College against a security deposit of Rs. 200/- which will be returned on deposition of gowns after the function is over.
  8. Students who register for the Graduation Day will receive a formal invitation from the College authorities.
  9. Students attending the Graduation Day Ceremony will make their own arrangements for accommodation & transport at Pondicherry.
  10. Registration Fee:Rs.2000 Extra Person: Max 2 allowed.
  11. For registration and further Quires Contact concern Department HoD's:

Mrs. B.Shoba (HOD/ECE)., 9698982008

Dr. V.Dooslin Mercy Bai (HOD/BME)., 9486934608.

Dr. I.D.Soubache (HOD/EEE)., 9626300600

Mr. RG.Suresh Kumar (HOD/CSE)., 8526850968

Mr. R.Vinothkumar (HOD/IT)., 9787723879

Dr. A.Murugan (HOD/MECH)., 9865522519

Mr. R.Senthil Kumar (HOD/MCA)., 9865586877

Dr. N. Sinouvassane (HOD/MBA)., 9894079125