Department of Bio-Medical Engineering

Degree Programme in Bio-Medical Engineering is a prestigious Undergraduate Programme introduced in the Academic year 2004-2005. This is a populist programme in the sense that it yields excellent employment opportunities Biomedical Engineering is the application of principles and techniques from the physical and engineering sciences to medical and biological problems.

Biomedical Engineering is the academic discipline for: 
  • A system approach to data collection guided by biophysically based mathematical models.
  • The development of new high data-throughput instrumentation.
  • The development of anatomically and physiologically based models of the human body using the methods of mathematical physics and engineering.
  • The development of new high performance computational tools which solve the equations of physics for biological materials.
  • The ability to customize models to a particular person in order to interpret clinical measurements (including DNA sequence information) from that person.¬†
Our sister institution Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute Provides ample opportunities to the students for hospital membership included in the Curriculum towards parallel fulfillment of the Degree programme.

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