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Headlines: RGECT-Top Performer for ICT Initiative (Page 1), Our budding success stories (Page 2), Career Dreams fulfilled for the Final year students of RGCET 2017-18 with 330 offers (Page 3), NSS Activities (Page 4).
Headlines: Holistic Authentic Learning at RGCET from next academic year to cultivate a culture of Sucess in the Classroom (Page 1), Artworks by Young minds of RGCET (Page 2), RECOFES Culturals shatters all Cultural barriers (Page 3), Club Activities Pride of RGCET upcoming major events literary column: Braintrasers (Page 4).
Headlines: 268 Placement offers and still counting.... (Page 1), Meet the Alexander of paper crafts (Page 2), Sachin masters at Master Degree enterence (Page 3), RGCET Center for IIT (Page 3), Internship at NIT Trichy (Page 3).
Headlines: Three wise men from NAAC visited RGCET in connection with college assessment and accreditation (Page 1), Mega skill in micro art (Page 2), National education day 2017 at RGCET (Page 3), Academic Calendar 2017-18 (Page 4), Our college badminton team won silver medal in inter collegiate badminton tournament (Page 4).
Headlines: RGCET-The pioneer of private Engineering in Pondicherry (Page 1), RGCET Students at ISRO (Page 1), Spoken tutorial schedule for academic year 2017-18 (Page 2), NPTEL at RGCET (Page 2), Engineers access into Healthcare Domains (Page 3), UPSC made easy at RGCET (Page 3), IIT's Robotic Research Center at RGCET (Page 3), Campus rules & regulations (Page 4).
Headlines: RGCETians - The Disciplined disciples of Engineering (Page 1), Rocket launchers from space (Page 1), Highlights of REC-O-FES (Page 2), Partners in Rhyme (Page 3), Graduation Day'17 (Page 3), Blood, Sweat 'N' toilbehind REC-O-FES! (Page 4).
Headlines: 180 Students from RGCET successfully placed in over 20 companies and still counting... (Page 1), Social srvice is our First Love, says the Zaranas (Page 2), Student entrepreneurs of RGCET (Page 2), IAS Coaching (Page 3), Workshop on Ethical Hacking (Page 3), You REAP what you sow (Page 3), IPT on Biomedical equipments (Page 3), Say goodbay to Examphobia! (Page 4).
Headlines: RGCET has been rated with 'AA' credits (Page 1), Congratulations to the following faculty members of RGCET who were vertified by NPTEL, IIT Madras (Page 2), FDP on Time Management (Page 3), Semester exam fever finds its cure with repeated class tests (Page 3), amazon go (Page 4).
Headlines: Hardwork pays off - and you have proved it (Page 1), Perennial, Beyond the Time (Page 2), Know your NSS (Page 3), Ultimate student Hunt -Hackathon (Page 3), RGCET-Placement cell upcoming Placement drives (Page 4), Design of Telemedicine Boat (Page 4).
Headlines: Where there's an Engineer there's an Employer (Page 1), Success is delivered only to the deserving (Page 1), Campus Highlights (Page 2), Change of timing - Time management begins with planning (Page 3), Connect central Asia (Page 4).
Headlines: Brief history of RGCET (Page 1), Campus Highlights (Page 2), Birthday Wishes (Page 3).

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