Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
The Electronics and Communication Engineering, the most opted course in today's scenario, offers 4 years degree programme which aims to keep in pace with modern technology and recent trends. Starting from the basics in electronics the course surfs through vital aspects of sprouting areas like high speed VLSI and embedded systems, Cellular mobile Communication, Satellite Communication, Microwave and optical Communication, Signal processing and Information highways etc, which enables the students to unveil their latent talents and moulds them as full fledged Professional. The students are taught to excel, in any lost of Competition, given the caliber of our faculties who train to impart innovation in pupils minds. 


University Gold medalist Ms. M. Navitha of our department for the year 2012


Successfully conducted a Two days MATLAB workshop (IIT) on 21/10/13 & 22/10/13



To cope with the theoretical base, the department laboratory provides soothing environment and facilities to students, which assure confidence over latest electronics equipments like
  •    Microwave test benches
  •    DSP starter and Evaluation kits
  •    Antenna trainer kits
  •    Fiber optic Communication kits
  •    Digital and Analog Communication kits
  •    LAN and Modem kits
  •    Digital trainer kits
  •    Spectrum Analyzer
  •    PLC and other Controllers
  •    Microprocessor kits
  •    Software Packages like Pspice and MATLAB 
  • Electronic Devices Lab
  • Electronic Circuits and system Design Lab
  • Digital Circuit Design Lab
  • Analog and Digital Communication Lab
  • Networks and Transmission Lines Lab
  • Computer Networks lab
  • Embedded Systems Lab
  • Communication Lab
  • Microwave and Advanced Communication Lab
  • Microprocessor and interfacing applications Lab
  •    The Department arranges regular sessions by outside experts, special workshops and seminars to upgrade students skills and knowledge in latest technical fields.
  •    The Department encourages students to under go inplant training in various industries.
  •    Aptitude tests, software and hardware tests group discussions and mock interviews are conducted weekly to explore high job opportunities to students.
  •    The Department association ECSTACY issues annually the Technical Magazine entitled COMMUNICS which assists the students to be aware of the shining technical field .
Broad band, high speed internet connectivity through VSAT is established for the benefit of students. These networks provide rapid, reliable satellite transmission of data, voice and Video to an unlimited number of geographically dispersed.