Abstienence Club


           Young people are the most important asset to any community or nation
           Protect youth is one of the most important missions of emergency plan
           Encourage to practice abstinence until they established a lifetime monogamous relationship
           For those who have initiated sexual activity, returning to abstinence must be primary message of prevention
           Intervention promotes dignity and self worth of the individuals


           Abstinence focused messages are given to unmarried individuals to abstain from sexual activity till marriage as the best
              and only certain way to protect themselves for exposure for HIV including STI
           Internationally, number of programs have proven successful in increasing abstinence until marriage, delaying first sex, and
              achieving ‘secondary abstinence’ – returning to abstinence – among sexually experienced youth

Abstinence focused message promotes the following:

           Abstaining form sexual activity as the most effective and only certain way to avoid HIV infection
           The development of skills for practicing abstinence
           The importance of abstinence in eliminating the risk of HIV transmission among unmarried individuals
           The decision of unmarried individuals to delay sexual debut until marriage; and
           The adoption of social and community norms that support delaying sex until marriage

Be faithful

           Be faithful focused messages will enc0ourage individuals to practice fidelity in marriage
           Promote changes in behavior related to fidelity n marriage, monogamous relationships, and reducing
             the number of sexual partners among sexual active persons



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